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Reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials have been anonymised to protect client confidentiality

I've been to a few counsellors over the years but I can't recommend Sharron Andrews enough, she is the best counsellor I have been to and she has helped me get rid of life long anxiety. M.S 

I had 12 sessions for depression and started feeling better once I started counseling  ithelped get me back on my feet. I'm no longer on any medication and feel like I can cope again.  A.D.

Sharon is such a lovely counsellor, she put me at ease straight away. I was so low and didn't understand what was going on with me but sharon helped me make sense of everything and for the first time I feel really happy within myself. 


I have learnt so much through having counselling and recommend Sharon to anyone.   P.W. 


I had post partum depression and tried NHS therapy but it didn't help but CBT with Sharon was great. I.S.

Great business coach, supportive and challenging, Sharon helped me rebuild my business through covid.  T. T.


Fantastic therapist, best ever xx S.W.


Sharon is highly professional and down to earth at the same time, very insightful counsellor. I wish I'd found her sooner! O.L.

I had complex grief and Sharon helped me so much . I've come out the other side a different person . I definately recommend her to anyone. B.B.

Literally saved my life after years of battling addiction/s. R.K.

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