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What is Addiction?

Addiction can be an inability to stop repetitive behaviour in spite of the harmful consequences and can offer a short-term escape from the realities of life, often used to mask uncomfortable feelings such as depression or anxiety. 

  • Experiencing Cravings, Compulsions and Overwhelming urges

  • Continued use in spite of adverse consequences and

  • Loss of Control

People can develop an addiction to a variety of things, suddenly, or over a longer period of time.  Counselling can be an effective way to support you to continue to live a life free from addiction, by deepening your understanding of the possible underlying causes of your addictive behaviour and can help you to employ more healthy and alternative coping methods.



Common Addictions

Alcohol/Drugs/Substances/Painkillers - Some are illegal, others are used to manage health problems or are available to purchase for recreational use.

Gambling/Gaming/Internet - Recreation is an important part of a balanced lifestyle, but too much of a good thing can lead to serious problems. 


Food/Fast Food - Overeating, binging/fasting, using food to block feelings, manage difficult moods and feelings.

Shopping/Internet Shopping - Everyday activities can become addictive too and can lead to emotional and financial crisis.

Please note: Counselling is not a substitute for detox, or rehabilitation clinics. Anyone suffering with a severe or chronic dependancy will need to seek treatment directly from your own doctor.

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